i2x transforms conversations. Our AI-powered software is built with a purpose: build a future where humans and AI collaborate to improve humanity. Within the next few years, integrated AI trainers for employees will be key to an organization’s success - ours will be the first of its kind, built from the ground up. Our near-term technology focus: - Develop support for more than 10 additional languages, including Spanish, Italian, Korean, Japanese. - Conduct cutting-edge research on acoustic modelling, by building large-scale multilingual acoustic models and ideally solving the “cocktail party” problem. - Experiment with language model conditioning, developing flexible speaker- and context-sensitive language models. -Create models that predict the probability of a sales call being successful, by analyzing the speech stream in real-time. -Build text-to-speech, voice conversion and dialogue management systems. Integrate our system with the leading VoIP providers and CRMs.